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LEO – Wearable Technology That Will Change Your Life

by / Thursday, 03 July 2014 / Published in News
Leo wearable technology

LEO – Wearable Technology That Will Change Your Life

Want to reduce your chance of injury, know hydration and lactic acid levels, become more efficient, monitor intensity and muscle imbalance, improve your technique LEO does it all and much more…

Leo wearable technology

LEO’s hardware is made completely of a breathable and comfortable material similar to the compression apparel that you’re already used to. This device has everything you can imagine and it will all display right on your phone!

Leo wearable fitness technology

The more users wear LEO, the smarter it gets. It starts to spot patterns and offers insights with its adaptive learning. It also gets smarter based on the trends it learns from the wider community of LEO wearers; The more people that use the leg band, the better it becomes at pointing out areas of improvement.

This is truly a revolutionary idea.

Want one? Want to find out more about the device and what it can do? Check it out on Indiegogo here.

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  1. Douglas says : Reply

    Hi. I am a Multisport coach, race director and group fitness instructor. I wanted to know how I can demo this product? I feel many of my athletes and students may want one. Let me know. Thanks!

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