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Plantar Fasciitis Home Remedies

by / Wednesday, 30 September 2015 / Published in Injury Prevention
Plantar Fasciitis Home Remedies

Plantar Fasciitis Home RemediesSuffering from plantar fasciitis can place a huge burden on your running activities, as the pain is often so unbearable that you are barely able to walk properly, never mind going out and actually running.

Luckily, there are a number of plantar fasciitis remedies that you can apply from the comfort of your own home, which means you don’t have to go straight to the doctor to try and get the issue fixed. Make sure to try all of the following to see if they can provide enough relief to get you back on your feet and out on the road.

Ice On Your Heels

It’s a technique that is used by everybody from the casual runner through to top-level athletes because it is a plantar fasciitis remedy that actually works. Icing any sore muscle works by cooling the muscle down and providing an environment wherein it can heal a little bit quicker.

It does this by cooling down any inflammation of the muscles, which is exactly what happens when you suffer from plantar fasciitis. Try icing your heels after each run and, if your symptoms are particularly bad, it may also be worth icing when you come back from work or have just completed an activity where you had to spend a lot of time on your feet in general.

Rolling On A Frozen Water Bottle

This technique combines the benefits of icing the muscles with the added advantage of loosening them up due to the rolling. All you need to do is place a bottle of water in the freezer before you head out on a run. This should usually be completely frozen by the time you return, allowing you to take it out and use it.

Place the bottle on the floor and rest your foot on top of it. All you need to do is roll the bottle back and forward, applying pressure onto the bottle, to properly massage the muscles surrounding your heel. Do this for about 10 minutes after each run and you will find this is one of the most effective plantar fasciitis remedies around.

Replace Your Running Shoes

This may seem like something of an odd plantar fasciitis remedy, but it is one that is surprisingly effective. If your running shoes are old or worn out, they are likely no longer providing the support that your feet need when you are running. This means that you will usually be overcompensating and placing undue pressure on your heels, as your technique will be affected by the quality of the shoe.

Replace old shoes with a new pair, preferably ones that offer the support and cushioning you need to reduce the effects of plantar fasciitis. Furthermore, you should also consider insoles that will offer your feet even more protection when you are out on the road.


There are a range of stretches that you can do that help to loosen your muscles up and leave them supple enough to make your running motion more effective. In particular you should aim to stretch your calf muscles, as tight calves will apply a lot more pressure on the heel of your foot until they are properly loosened up.

Try to stretch both before and after a run to keep your muscles as supple as possible. Stretching is not something to be taken lightly, so make sure you only try ones that you are comfortable with until your body has obtained a certain level of flexibility that will ensure other stretches work as well.

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While you have read about the advantages of stretching here, you would be best served using stretches that specifically target plantar fasciitis. If you have also identified your running shoes as an issue then our handy guide will ensure you get the right pair in the future.

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